Tragic Kingdom: Black Tie Dynasty's New Reign Is Wrecked by COVID

This was always going to be a bittersweet story. A story about four friends, bound together by the act of creation and love for one another, whose creative exploits are a part of Dallas-Fort Worth music history and who had rediscovered their artistic bond in time to mount a potential revival. The time spent somewhat distanced — never fully separated, yet no longer quite as tightly connected — would always be a source of mild regret.

The New Fleet Foxes Album May Be the Key to Healing From 2020

Our relationships to everything — the outside world, each other, ourselves — have been altered with varying degrees of velocity over the last six months. To live through times seized by so much cataclysm is to spend your waking hours reeling from one (often ugly) surprise to another, forever in search of solid ground that feels as though it may never materialize. To then come into contact with such a thing as Fleet Foxes’ Shore is welcome, indeed.

Yola Was Simply Flawless at The Kessler on Sunday Night

It took all of 40 seconds. The woman born Yolanda Quartey, standing before a sold-out Kessler Theater on Sunday night, resplendent in her Afro, clad in a black gown and performing under her musical moniker Yola, glided smoothly into the chorus of her song “Lonely the Night.” As she did, the ecstatic, effortless beauty of her voice — lined with life, rich with feeling — landed like the sweetest knockout punch.

Miranda Lambert’s Dallas Show Was a Satisfying Overview of Her Remarkable Career

“I’m so happy to be home right now, I can’t even stand it!” Miranda Lambert shouted on Saturday night. Whether in a Stockyards honky-tonk, an Arlington football stadium or a Dallas amphitheater, there is always an intense emotional undercurrent to her hometown shows. It’s no mystery as to why: Lambert hails from Lindale, 90 miles east, and cut her teeth in the state’s bars and clubs before heading off to Nashville and superstardom.

Marty Stuart still madly in love … with country music

From his childhood, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter has always been on the lookout for ephemera connecting him to the people, sounds and sensibility of “the truly American art form,” as documentarian Ken Burns described it in “Country Music,” his own sprawling 2019 assessment of the genre. “Way before I became a professional musician, when singers or gospel quartets or bluegrass bands would come to my hometown when I was a kid, I’d ask a musician for a guitar pick or an autograph,” Stuart says.

Singer-songwriter Robert Ellis explores what makes Texas tick

Robert Ellis wrestles with no less than the very idea of Texas on his latest record. That’s not to make “Texas Piano Man,” the Lake Jackson native’s fifth studio album, sound like some sort of grandiose, navel-gazing exercise. Far from it – by turns tough and tender, funny and forlorn, “Texas Piano Man” is 11 songs through which one of the state’s sharpest songwriters takes listeners on an excursion into the depths of his formidable talents.